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How do I get my staff to wear a uniform?

I have had a couple of customers recently saying that their staff don’t wear the uniform they provide, what do I recommend to change this?

If this is a problem you face don’t give up and lose the opportunity of free advertising, just follow this simple advice.

Offer your staff a choice of style.

We all know people are different, and what suits one person, can look terrible on the next. It is therefore advisable to have a few options for staff to choose from.

For example, the 18 year old lad that works for me, doesn’t want to dress in the same uniform as his boss a 40 plus year old women. So I give my staff the option of a turquoise top, which can be a polo/shirt/t-shirt and a navy jumper/sweater/cardigan. For when it gets cold they can choose between a softshell fleece/fleece or zipped sweater.

The key point here is colouring. I chose turquoise to match our logo and then navy to complement, which is an easier colour to wear for most staff than black. If you don’t know where to start, take a colour in your logo and then match it with a neutral colour, and chose a range of products within your colour scheme.

Choose products with a range of sizes.

All staff are shaped differently, those slighter built staff don’t want clothes hanging off them and in contrast those more ample figures don’t want figure hugging clothing. So choose products/brands that offer a wide size range with ladyfit options.

For example, if you are looking for knitwear, offer a standard knitted jumper, standard cardigan and then a longline cardigan and most shapes will be catered for.

If staff are comfortable in their uniform then they are more likely to wear the uniform you have purchased for them.

Easycare is essential.

There is nothing worse than spending your budget on new uniform, which is ruined in a couple of weeks by poor washing. Consider how easy your uniform is to wash. Does it need handwashing to maintain its appearance? If so then forget it. We all have staff that chuck everything in the wash together. Can the products you have chosen cope with a harsh wash?

Quality of uniform.

If staff are going to wear their uniform, they need to be proud of it. Is the cheapest option the best, or will the products not last and look tatty quickly?

Lower garments.

Unless you need to offer lower half clothing to your staff for safety reasons, let staff wear their own trousers/skirts. You can dictate the colours allowed and refuse the wearing of certain products for example ripped jeans. This way the staff still feel they can express their individuality.

Uniform Policy

The final point to consider is a robust uniform policy. This means you need to lead by example. If one person is allowed to work not in the correct uniform either because they are management or they don’t feel like it, then before you know it no one will wear the uniform. Be consistent and ensure all new starters know the uniform policy from the start.


In summary

Offer a range of products in your choice of colour

Ensure those products are available in a wide range of sizes and fits

Purchase the best quality of product your budget allows

Implement a uniform policy and enforce it.

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