What’s the point of sponsoring a local group?

For those of you that think sponsorship is only for large corporations think again. It can be a cost effective way to raise your profile whilst supporting the local community.

1.     As a small or medium business encouraging customers to use locally can be hard. However sponsoring a local group, shows as a business you support your local community. This in turn will encourage the local community to use your business. A win win situation.

2.     Businesses that support local teams can help reduce the cost of local kids’ sports, making it more accessible to all. It is essential to get kids more active, out and having fun.

3.     Sponsoring a local group will raise awareness of your brand. For as little as say £300 you can get your business name on a local kid’s football team shirt. This will be used week in week out and seen by a vast audience. Or sponsor a trophy at your local gymnastics club competition, these are well attended and this will get your name out. Sponsorship will make your business stand out more than an advert in a magazine. You can get great publicity on a small investment.

4.     Spent wisely, sponsorship can make your business look larger than it is. People’s perception is that sponsorship is costly and often associate it with larger companies, make the most of this and make your company look larger.

Making the most out of your sponsorship.

Consider your target audience carefully, this doesn’t have to be your current customers it could be a group of customers you are interested in doing business with but haven’t managed to tap into yet. For example if your target audience is ladies over 50 then there is little point sponsoring your kids local rugby team, sponsor the local walking netball team instead. Do you have a high value product, then try your nearest polo club. Want to target a specific area, try sponsorship for the local charity run or donating to the village hall. Spending time thinking of where to spend your money can pay dividends.

Once you have chosen where to spend your money, don’t just hand the money over and sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Make the most of your sponsorship by using it as a regular topic for your social media. Get your photo taken when handing over the money, get a signed photo of the team you have sponsored, follow up by sending them good luck wishes if they have a match or competition. If done correctly this can result in lead generation.

Don’t forget with all advertising, where possible track results, so you know where to spend next year.

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