The importance of a Leavers Hoodie in 2020

Leavers hoodies have become increasingly popular in the UK not only for children leaving college, but also for those leaving secondary school and now primary school. They are a great keepsake to remind the receiver of their surrounding peers during a certain period of their life. Students usually receive their hoodies on completion of their school life or after some of the biggest exams they will face.

This year (2020), the world of many students was abruptly turned upside down. One day they are at school revising for SATS, GCSE’s, or A-Levels, the next they are being told there is no more school for the foreseeable future, they no longer have to take their exams and that’s the end of their time at that establishment.

A whole cohort of students denied the experience of working hard and the highs and lows of taking exams, denied the chance to say good bye to staff and friends, denied the chance to prepare and go to Prom. It’s heart breaking for the students and incredibly difficult for parents to sit back and watch their children being denied the chance of experiencing such an important time of their life.

But have they complained? No, I don’t hear them complaining, they understand the importance of isolation, the importance of protecting the NHS and accept the situation.

There is however one part of the experience of completing a time at school or college that can still go ahead, that can still make them smile again and that is the receiving of a leavers hoodie. It will give them the chance to keep hold of those memories they have made with friends and acquaintances. Now is the time for them to get their hoodie.

Don’t leave it till it is too late, carry on with that order for hoodies, start that order for hoodies and give the children something with which they can remember such an important time of their life.


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