Uneek Classic Polo Shirt UC101

Uneek is a well-known brand amongst trade workers. They are renoun for their tough material and long-lasting products. Uneek clothing are very affordable and offer a durable product.

The Polo Shirt –

The UC101 Classic Polo Shirt is a very popular option for most trades and people who are wanting to look that bit more professional whilst on their hands and knees pulling out weeds. The weight of the garment is not the lightest thing in the world so you will feel that you are wearing it, but the 50% cotton and the 50% polyester means that you can stretch and pull and move with no effort (Weight at 220gsm).

The Fit –

I am 6ft 2″ and have a slim build. I always struggle with sizing for my tops as a large would come up too baggy but perfect length, and a medium would be too short but nicely fitted. With this product I would wear a medium, as it fits to my body and it is just long enough that it doesn’t rise too much when i raise my arms in the air. The sleeves do not squeeze around my arms and do stick out a little bit, which is good for any job that involves moving your arms but if you’re trying to find a polo that compliments your arms, this is not the one! Overall, if you get the correct size for your stature and size, the polo will feel very comfortable. Sizes from XS 36-38″ to 6XL 58-60″ (5XL and 6XL only in certain colours).

The Wash –

In a 60 degree wash, this polo keeps it’s shape and doesn’t shrink. The material stays strong and does not bobble. After a very long period of time washing this product, certain colours can fade slightly, this all depends on how frequently it is washed and how much use you get out of it. This shouldn’t be a worry for the first couple years or so of use, but after a few years the colour may fade and look worn (I recommend to not use the tumble dryer to ensure this item stays in its true state).

This Polo Shirt is one of our best-selling products and continues to be loved by our returning customers. If you are a new company looking for an affordable polo that will do the job, then this is the one for you. I would specifically recommend this products to small businesses, independant shops, mechanics, plasterers, cleaners, builders etc. as it will look professional and remain very hard-wearing and durable in these environments.



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