Alexandra Lab Coat G178

Alexandra is a leading international provider of workwear, corporate clothing and uniforms. Alexandra has been established for 160 years. Their workwear is hardwearing and very affordable.

The Lab Coat –

The G178 Unisex Lab Coat comes in a range of colours – White, Hospital Blue and Royal Box. They have an asymmetrical stud front and stetch cuffs on the sleeves so that you are a fully secure unit. The stud front buttons up to the top at your neck to make sure you have no open area. Cuffed sleeved are designed so that gloves can be pulled over them to ensure a fully safe unit. The garment has two pockets at the hips and one pocket on the chest. The length of the item is 43ins so you will be very well covered down to your legs. It is 65% Polyester 35% Cotton which enables ease of movement. The Lab Coat is light for its size which makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The Wash –

This product can be washed up to 60 degrees and is suitable for industrial laundry.

Who is the Lab Coat for? –

This coat is very diverse and can be used in many different fields. Specifically, I would recommend this for people working in laboratories concerened with cross-contamination as it is very well protected and fits the body well so that there is not clear skin around the arms and neck.



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